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Quality / Manufacture / Origin:

  • Frenzelit:

    • novaphit, novatec, etc.

  • Klinger:

    • PSM, PDM, SLS, top-graph, etc.

  • FMI:


  • more EU Suppliers:

    • Grafit (98%)



  • Common thicknesses from 0.5 to 4 mm in stock

  • many special qualities in stock

  • many approvals ( e.g. DVGW, BAM, VDI 2440 Test, WRC, etc.)


Special qualities in stock (special coatings):

    • FMI Polymercoating:
      fo simple and safe handling

    • Frenzelit XP technology:
      Seals can be easily detached from the flange - no more glueing. Reduction of maintenance expenses and increase in plant safety.


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