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Where the production of a
cutting die reaches its limits or
where the print run is too small,
that is where we can help with
our WS-technology.
For the largest and smallest

of parts.
On four tables up to a size of
2x4 m we produce for you seals
or formed parts according to
your CAD-files, your drawings or
your patterns to suit your
individual requirements.
We do not compromise!


There are materials and require-
ments which need a variety of
waterjet cutting technology, but
when they can't be produced
cost-efficiently, this is where the
plotter often comes in.
We use two double-bridge
plotters with cutting surfaces of
2x4 metres. Here, for example,
composite materials such as
graphite spit sheets can be cut without being delaminated.
Thick or thin, 10 mm rubber or 0.2 mm strong foil, thanks to vacuum-technology, the
plotter can do all that.
Plastics as well as PTFE can be processed right away. And, as always, we are very
resource-aware. Thanks to projection, we are able to achieve the best possible material

Stamping / Cutting

We offer a metal-stamping force
of up to 160 t in order to
produce large workpieces of up
to 2000 x 1200 mm. There is no
deformation in most materials
up to a thickness of 6 mm and
this is why the edges often
become too concave. This poses
no problem for us as we can
stamp up to a thickness of
50 mm using nine bridge-
cutting presses, two swivelarm
cutting rollers and a cutting

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