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List of prefabricated parts in stock

• FlaGaTa (ePTFE flat gasket tape with adhesive strip on spool with
recommendation, BAM DVGW, made from raw-materials according to FDA)
• PTFE-thread gasket
• GST (Rubber-steel gasket - made of EPDM with KTW/W270 and NBR with
• Cord-rubber made from variety of rubber
• Spiral wound gasket and many more

Production examples

• production of gaskets according to DIN
• production of gaskets using drawings, designs or diagrams
• production of frames, strips, endless strips, cuts pieces, discs, complicated
shapes, prototypes, moldings, plugs, wipers


Examples of services and additional work:


• custom work • planning/implementation • prototyping
• consulting assembled parts

• Execution and finishing etc. of materials and products with e.g.:
• markings • graphited • duplication
• self-adhesion • connectorization • scission split
• reduction • etc.


Examples of further materials and products

• Snow ploughs • detectable gaskets, • O-Rings
• felt materials for pharmacy -  Metal-seals
• leather processing and food industries
Further fibre and AF/HP-qualities


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